Stitching place…

Stitching Place

It occurred to me yesterday that I have placed a lot of focus on my quilting life this year, and very little on my number one passion, cross stitch.  Well, I have not forgotten, nor have I abandoned my cross stitch, but I have often had to leave it in the basket.  You see, to the left of the chair in the photo is my lounge, which is where I usually come to do my hand sewing.  But at night it is rather dark in this corner, and the kids have burnt out my floor lamp (not a daylight globe, but it still did it’s job rather nicely!)  So not a lot of cross stitch was getting done.  But with the Tour de France, I was wanting to stitch more, and I kept wondering, how had I done this in the past.  The answer finally came to me!  I have rearranged my furniture, and the Ikea Tullsta armchairs that used to sit under the lights have been moved into the front room and the 2 two seaters moved into the tv room.  Damn!  The solution was simple – move the dining chair into the middle of the room, under the lights and voila – I am able to stitch until my eyes cross from being too tired.

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