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Soft Toys

NB: If you are here to visit my studio as part of the Where Bloggers Create studio tour, please proceed to the 16th July entry…

Over the last 2 weeks I have been working away on my first ever softies, I have already shown Miss Buttons, but I was hoping to have the next three completed before putting them on display.  The second to be done was Hamlet the Pig.  He was quick and easy to do, but I need to look at how to stuff him so that his front legs will support him and how to sew the hooves properly – they did not really work out here.  Next in line was the Polar Bear.  He is the tartan softy.  He was also quite easy to do, but I am not happy with his nose.  There is also a small fabric tag under his chin.  I still need to finish the toes, which I will try to do Tuesday night.  Last was the Panda.  I LOVE him.  The most difficult of the 3, he was still remarkably easy to make.  I just need to add the legs.  According to the book, I can attach them by using a ladder stitch, but my colleague recommends getting a long doll making needle and sewing the legs on by taking the needle all the way through the body.  I just need to get the needle and a couple of large buttons!  I also need to embroider his nose and mouth, and add the ears, which are sewn on last.

I have mentioned earlier that I LOVE the Tour de France!  Particularly as it gives me LOADS of stitching time.  As a result, I am close to finishing Sophie’s Roses by Shepherd’s Bush…

Sophie's Roses by Shepherd's Bush

I have also done some more of Berthe Massiet this week, but have not taken an updated photo.  Once Sophie is finished, I may take another project from my UFO list, or may even start on something new…

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