Sunday Sewing Basket – Down in the Garden

Down In The Garden Block 1

I have not been able to do much stitching this week.  Between going to bed late as I have watched Le Tour de France (GO CADEL!!!!) and getting up early so I could go to work, my eyes were constantly sore from tiredness all week.  BUT Monday evening I went to my regular Sit and Sew in Monbulk, where I pulled out “Down in the Garden”.  I have been working on block 1 for about 12 months.  This is because I mainly work on it at Mrs Martin’s.  I have finished the main square and one of the flower pots, and have the other flowerpot and a large flower to do, before making the pieced and appliqued flower.  I may leave that one until later.

You cannot see it in the photo, but I have done the leaves of the flower pot on the right in lazy daisy stitch, instead of the backstitch that was suggested in the pattern.  I tried doing the backstitch, but it looked AWFUL.

Hopefully next time I go to Sit and Sew, I will be up to the embroidery on the second block (it has already been pieced together.)

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