Several weeks ago, I received the current “Where Women Create” magazine.  I love this particular magazine, and take my time to read it from cover to cover.  As I had 2 other publications that were ahead of this magazine in my reading pile (one being it’s sister publication ‘Artful Blogging‘), I planned to leave this until I was ready to read it in it’s entirety.  But of course, I could not resist opening it up and flicking through it.  I read the editorial, which was about dreams, and started thinking about my dreams.  What is it that I dream about most?  Where do I want to be?  How do I want to live my life?

I dream of having my children receive the educational advantages of a good private school.
I dream of having a gorgeous home in the so called French style.
I dream of being neat and organised.
I dream of working full time in and on my business, selling needlework supplies to many people.
I dream of being the premier Cross Stitch Store in Australia.
I dream of having a bricks and mortar store that everyone raves about.
I dream of having a widely read blog.
I dream of being considered knowledgeable about all things needlework, especially cross stitch and historic needlework.
I dream of returning to America to attend Sampler Seminars, needlework events, and more.
I dream of attending the 2012 Nashville Trade Show for Needlework.
I dream of attending events such as Blogher and Creative Connection.
I dream of stitching when and where I want.
I dream of having a stunningly beautiful studio where I can play whenever I want.
I dream of having happy healthy ‘normal’ children.
I dream of travelling around Europe on a yearly basis.
I dream of returning to live in Europe – for a year, several years, until retirement.

I dream….



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