What a week!

March Costume for Calisthenics

Do you ever look back over the past couple of weeks and wonder where the time went?  Or what exactly you did during that time?  Or why you feel so exhausted?  I did.  Only yesterday.  And was astounded at how much I had fit into the past 10 days.

It all started with Blogopolis.  I will be writing more about that tomorrow.  This amazing event, run by the crew at Nuffnang, was full of wonderful information on getting the best out of your blogging experience.  But it all started with a night out in the city.  Leaving work early (about 4.30pm, instead of my more usual 5.30pm, after arriving at work by 7.30am that morning and every Friday morning), I headed into the city with my friend Kylie, from Tilda Virtual.  Although the venue was uncomfortably noisy, we both met our goal of meeting some fellow blogopolis attendees before the actual event.  We eventually arrived home at around midnight, and I prepared for another 6am start.

Unfortunately a couple of bogans from Broadmeadows had other ideas!  At around 4am we were rudely awakened by some dirtbag having an argument into his mobile phone, casually dropping the f-bomb into every sentence.  At one stage he was threatening the life of the person on the other end if they did not come out of the house!  Around about now, we decided it was a good time to call the constabulary!  Fortunately, the error was determined and the bogans disappeared up the road.  But naturally we had to make sure the kids were okay, resettle those that had been woken up, and get ourselves back to the land of nod!

I arose with my 6am wake up call and made my way back to Kylie’s place so that we could once again travel in together.  On the way, I stopped by my favourite coffee shop, Shane’s Espresso Cart, in Ferntree Gully.  Opening by 6am during the week, imagine my dismay at finding them closed at 7am on Saturday morning!  We arrived in at Fed Square and made our way to Link, the venue for the conference.  And proceeded to be blown away by each of the speakers.  Oh My Goodness!  What an amazing wealth of information!  What amazing bloggers we have here in Australia!  I cannot do the speakers justice, but tomorrow will provide you with links to those who can!  Unfortunately, our early morning guests did have a lasting effect, as during one of the panels, I suddenly found my self nodding off!  Ooh! Not a good sign.  And the panel was really interesting too!  Finishing up around about 5pm, Kylie and I decided to give the after party a miss – I was too tired, and she needed to get home.

The next morning, I was able to sleep in.  I had planned to do a lot of work for school, including pulling out my sewing machine.  But no joy.  First I had to organise my daughter’s birthday party.  I can’t wait for it, but I had to go to the big shopping centre near us so that I could get it organised properly!  (Note to self – must remember to take camera and lots of photos!)  At around this time, she dropped a bombshell on me!  “Mum, have you done my march costume yet?  We have to take it tomorrow.”  WHAT!!!!  What costume?  What are you talking about?  I know I have to put the beads and sequins on one of your sister’s costumes, but what do you mean I have to do one of yours?  “Oh yeah Mum, we were given it last week.”  Ummm, why didn’t you tell me about it before now?  “I forgot”.  OK honey, no harm done.  By the way when do your comps start?  WHAT DO YOU MEAN NEXT WEEK!  You have to be joking!  Both of you!  Damn!  There goes my personal sewing!

I went looking for the costume – and discovered a second one!  Oh no!  So, knowing that one would take longer, I started it first – I really had to have the costumes finished – the girls are marked on that too!  And spent the next week sewing beads and sequins onto costumes.  I did take some time of to go to my sit and sew on Monday night.

So the next week passed in a blur.  Between work, kids activities, DH starting back at cricket (WHAT do you mean cricket practice starts this week?  It is only August!) and sewing on the beads, I did not have time for much else.

Here comes Saturday.  The morning was spent getting my eldest daughter prepared, with leg tan, make up and hair.  We both had to have an early lunch, because we needed to be there by 12.45pm, meaning we had to leave at 11.45.  The comp was meant to go to 6 or 7pm, but because one team pulled out at the last minute, we finished earlier, with the club being pipped at the post and coming in 2nd.  This was followed by my younger daughter having her comp Sunday morning!  6am start!  On a Saturday.  Just so I could make sure everything was done.  But it paid off.  The team came in first!  Boy were we strong!  Almost a clean sweep!

Back home again, and it was head down, doing preparation for work.

Once again, the week has started with it’s usual whirlwind, and does not look like slowing down!

So if you have been wondering where I have been for the past 10 days, maybe this essay has given you an idea…

Until next time…


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