Deb Balls, school and more…

Around about 27 years ago, I had the pleasure of being a debutante and being presented to the then Bishop of Sandhurst Diocese, the late Bishop Noel Daly.  It was my 16th birthday, and I had the pleasure of having my Aunt and Uncle as well as my Grandma and Grandpa present.

When I joined the staff of my current school, I did not know that they had Presentation Balls each year, or that one particular staff member generally ran them on her own.  So last year when I did find out, I volunteered to help out.  The lead up to the ball was stressful, but the payoff was immense.  so I had no qualms about volunteering to assist again this year.

We did things a little different this year.  Instead of 10 weekly dance lessons for the students, they had 10 lessons over 5 weeks!  And instead of one ball, we had 2!  OMG!  Term 3 is already a heavy term, but add to this the Deb Balls and you can see why I went quiet again!

This group of students (just over 100 in total) were amazing.  They were amazingly painful, and amazingly wonderful.  A very social group, it was difficult at times to keep them quiet long enough to listen to the main supervising teacher, but they were also a wonderful, entertaining group.  On the first night, 2 of the boys turned up in netball uniforms, which drew some attention, but not much…

Then in came B… Removing his outerwear, we could only stare in wonderment at his aerobics gear – full on 80’s ladies aerobics gear!  Then he started warming up with stretches!  We all burst out laughing … and that started the fun and games!

At the end of that night, it was decided that the Thursday night lesson would be a pyjama party.  The kids had a ball!  and S (the main supervising teacher) and I joined them.  What a hoot!  This was followed by a fairytale night, a hippy night and anything you want night ( I think I am missing one here).  B was amazing!  Each week we would anxiously wait to see what he and one other lad would come dressed in!  They were absolute stars!

Throughout that first lesson, S was regularly removing Chupa Chup sticks from mouths so that the students could dance without risk of harming themselves. After this, one of the mums would bring a little snack for us all to each lesson – she was feeding over 100 people!  She finished off the 5 weeks with…

Deb Practice Treat Table
Super supper!!!

… an absolutely amazing supper!  This mum, K, had taken the day of work to put together these fantastic treats.  And look at how wonderfully she has presented them.  Who knew that a good old garden variety school table could look so good?

We had one final practice, and then it was time for the debs…

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