More Deb Balls…

I arrived at The Centre in Ivanhoe at around 1pm on Saturday afternoon, ready to finish the set up of the venue for the ball.  We had around 2.5 hours until the debs started arriving.  Table arrangements were placed, the toolkit was put in place, chocolates placed out for the kids to nibble on, photographers set up, and the kids started arriving.  The next 1.5 hours we had kids being photographed, before we, the supervising teachers, could get ourselves dressed up for the evening.  Following their last practice, the students then had to hide away upstairs while the guests were settled and the evening began.  At about 8pm, the boys started the evening with a dance performance to Michael Jackson’s Thriller.  Then it was time for the presentation of the students to our local member of parliament.

Although mistakes were made, the kids were wonderful and did a great job.  They returned to the hall for their first dances and wowed everyone.  A fantastic night was enjoyed by all, and the formalities were completed by the girls dancing the Cha Cha Slide.

Finishing at midnight, I arranged to be back at he venue on Sunday at 2pm to start over for the second group.  I knew this group was going to be harder, because they are a much more talkative lot, but we also knew that they were going to outshine the first group… and they did.  But they were harder to keep quiet while the rest of the students were being presented.

Once again, they went through the same dances as the previous night, and I believe they enjoyed it even more.  Again, we did not finish until after midnight, especially as we had to pack everything up this time.

It was a fantastic weekend, but boy am I glad it is now over, and hopefully I can return to a better blogging (and more importantly, stitching) schedule!  I will be putting my hand up to assist again next year!

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