Autumn Pyn Keepe

Fall Pyn Keepe
Fall Pyn Keepe

About 2 months ago I signed up for the Fall Pyn Keepe exchange over at Hooked on Exchanging.  I had done the maths and had worked out that if I got stitching straight away, I could get the pyn keepe in the mail before the crazy fortnight leading up to the Deb Ball arrived.  I had failed to include one very important detail in to my calculations – locating the RIGHT design!  I finally settled on one design (which I will reveal in about 2 weeks), but it was larger than I had first thought and took me longer to stitch than I had planned.  By the time I had finished stitching it, the crazy weeks of term 3 were upon me – with a vengeance – and I was not able to complete it until the past week.

In the meantime, the lovely Eliza (?) (I don’t have her name in front of me) sent me the lovely pyn keepe you see in the (rather blurred) photo .  In keeping with my policy that I don’t have the right to be enjoying the fruit of some one else’s labors, while my exchange partner is patiently waiting for hers, I did not open the parcel until mine was in the mail.  And the wait was worth it!  Isn’t the pin keep lovely.  I have it on my sideboard, with my felt pumpkins and felt fairy that I bought in Delft many years ago.  It is leaning agains a witch that I also bought while we were still living in Europe.  It is the perfect place for this pin keep.  It is just a pity that it can only have pride of place until the end of the month, because Autumnal decorating is so out of place here right now (though last week I would have said otherwise!).

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