Doing the jig…

Woo hoo!!  She is finished!  I have placed the last stitch in Sophie! … welllll, almost.  I still need to stitch the buttons on, but as 2 of them are currently wandering around somewhere, I will have to call this finished for now.

Sophies Roses
Sophie's Roses by Shepherd's Bush

Okay, so the important details.  Started before we moved back to Australia, Sophie’s Roses by Shepherd’s Bush comes as a kit.  I stitched her with the threads and fabric supplied by the lovely ladies at Shepherd’s Bush (and have plenty of threads left over – I can really recommend the Shepherd’s Bush kits – so generous with all their supplies).  She took me more than 6 years to stitch, despite her ease – I kept getting bored!  She has travelledwith me from Delft in The Netherlands, here to Melbourne, then over to Adelaide and in to Box Hill hospital when her eventual owner was being tested for food intolerances (she has fructose malabsorption).  Eventually she will hang in my youngest daughter’s room, as I have determined that I want this room to be my Shepherd’s Bush room.

Finished on Wednesday, 12th Oct, 2011!

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