Drawn to Threads


Drawn to Threads is an exhibition of textile art that is currently on display at the Chapel on Station Gallery in Box Hill.  The ladies who are exhibiting their amazing works of art completed the Box Hill Diploma of Textiles Art course several years ago.  I first saw an exhibition of their work at their graduation exhibition.  It was a year earlier that I was introduced to this course, and decided that I would really love to do it one day.

Drawn to Threads My main reason for going is the lady in the photo – Kaye Shanks.  I met Kaye at the first textile arts graduation exhibition I went to, when she was a second year student.  Not long after, I got to know Kaye through The Embroiderer’s Guild of Victoria, when we became friends.

Kaye’s theme was around ‘Carers and Disabilities’, a subject that Kaye knows loads about.  Each of her pieces of art reflect her experiences, with the beautiful beaded hearts particularly calling my name.  If only I had $180 – $200, I would purchase one of these!

Love Hearts

Each of these hearts have been beaded and then attached to a hand painted background, with a really neat saying around the outside.  My personal favourite is the bottom one on the right – It is subtitle “Mother’s Love”, and is based around the concept of the amazing love that a mother has for her disabled child, despite the pain, the hardships.

Kaye has also completed two art quilts reflecting on the circle of support that we, as carers, develop, to help us through the day.  I love the idea behind the lone circles – are you that lone circle, leaving the person to cope, without offering support, whether it be through a kind word, a hug when one needs it, or just understanding when life is not how we imagined it to be?

Circle of Support

Other artists in the group created wonderful art quilts, influenced by their travels, with Julie Langford creating amazing quilts around the Australian outback, in particular the Devils Marbles in the Northern Territory, and Susan Ferres, who created her fabric backgrounds by taking scraps and machining them together to form a new fabric, a technique that she demonstrated during her talk.

Peggy Petty demonstrated how to produce a marbling effect on fabric, which she used for her gorgeous bags.  From this demonstration, I went away with thoughts of how I could demonstrate this method of treating your fabric to my Year 8’s.

Alice Petherbridge has made the most amazing felt garments.  I particularly loved the one labeled “Cape” , a stunning garment, made with wool tops in the beautiful vibrant colours that I love to wear!

Helen Turley completed a gorgeous set of pictures.  I am not sure how she did it, but her fabric was stained, usually with a pink dye, in such a way that it looked as though the dye had run, and then the outline of a pig was stitched over the top.  Oh boy!  were they gorgeous to see!

If you are quick, you still have an opportunity to see this small exhibition, but only until Wednesday.

Drawn to Threads
An Exhibition of Contemporary Textile Works
by “Talking Threads”

October 13-26, 2011
Chapel on Station Gallery
cnr Station St and Ellingworth Pde
Box Hill 


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