My 10 favourite cross stitch designers…

I have long loved my cross stitch, and today was thinking about who my favourite designers would be.  I decided to restrict the list to only 10, but I could easily add many more…

  1. Blackbird Designs Farmhouse
    Blackbird Designs - Farmhouse

    Blackbird Designs – I have loved their designs for many years, with many of the designs being quite quirky.  I have just started on the Anniversaries of the Heart series, which will hang in my oldest daughter’s room when I have finished with them all.

  2. Lizzie Kate – often simple designs, I particularly love the way that Linda has represented sayings such as “If you want breakfast in bed, sleep in the kitchen’, and other giggle boxers.  They are also quick and easy to stitch.
  3. Teresa Wentzler – those who know me, know that in introducing myself in a group of needleworkers, I will often say that when I left for Europe, I was stitching Mirabilia Designs and aspired to stitch designs by Teresa Wentzler.  And as I keep saying, I still aspire to stitch designs by Teresa Wentzler.  One day.  I do have a significant collection of this now retired designers designs.
  4. Another designer whose work I have fallen in love with is the Italian designer Passione Ricamo.  Oh how I wish there were more stitching hours in the day…
  5. Lynns Prints
    Lynns Prints - Fresh Off the Vine

    Lynns Prints/ Dianne Graebner – ever since this designer was introduced to me when I used to have open days at The Border in Den Haag, I have loved these designs.  The simplicity of them makes them so appealing.  Of course, stitching them on 40ct linen kind of takes away some of the simplicity!  On Bone Lugana they are stunning!

  6. With My Needle – I have known Ellen both online and offline for quite a few years now, since before she started designing.  I always look forward to see what designs she has come out with at each Nashville show.  And they never fail to please!  If I could, I would not only own all of her designs, but would have stitched them all as well.  Who can forget those stunning turtles?
  7. Reflet de Soie – As a lover of samplers, I am attracted to a great many different types, and having to choose one sampler designer was not easy.  As a European sampler designer, I chose Reflet de Soie, to reflect both my love of European design and my love of the antique style/reproduction sampler.
  8. The Workbasket Les Petites
    The Workbasket - Les Petites

    Thistle Threads – Long before I had the pleasure of attending one of Tricia’s classes, I had heard many wonderful things about her.  And she did not disappoint.  So much so that I am currently participating in my first online class for many years, and it is one of hers.

  9. The Workbasket – I first came across the designs by Candy and Mary when I met Candy at a language class in Voorschoten in January 1998.  At the time I had little interest in the style of cross stitch that Candy designed.  Within 6 months I had changed my mind, and my love affair with the historical style of needlework was born.  Although I have not stitched many of The Workbasket designs, you can bet they are waiting in the wings for me!
  10. The Needle’s Content – My good friend Annemiek has been a little quiet on the designing front for a while now, but I know that when she picks up the designing needle again, then it will be a stunning creation.  I have been working on her Spanish Geometric Sampler for a number of years now, and enjoy every stitch.
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