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Sophie's Roses by Shepherd's Bush

Yesterday we had the last of the calisthenics comps for this year over in Gladstone Park.  For whatever reason, the girls were a little down, and it took a while to get them revved up.   It did not help that one of our girls had gone away for the holidays and still wasn’t back, leaving one of our routines short one person.  This meant that we automatically lost 5 marks for that routine.  If she had been there, we would have won that section.  As it was, we did not get any points for it.  When it came to the last section, one team was 2 points ahead, and 3 or 4 of us had the same number of points.  All we had to do was win the last section to either draw or come first.  Instead, we came in second, with the team that was leading coming in first.  So the girls finished off the comp season with a second.

During the afternoon, it suddenly occurred to me that I had yet to make the sashes for displaying past medals for the girls.  Their concert is not too far away, and I have 3 years of medals for one of the girls and 2 years for the other to sew onto the sashes!  Fortunately I realised that I had some black velveteen in my sewing room.  I was able to cut two pieces, using the width of my long quilting ruler as my guide and the rotary cutter, hemmed it and the sashes were quickly made.  Now I just need to sew on all the medals.  Hopefully I will be able to do that this week, before all hell breaks loose at work again!

After making the sashes I had the choice of sewing on the medals, doing some corrections or stitching.  I chose stitching!  I was able to work on Sophie’s Roses for a while, stopping for the night at around midnight.  I put in a few more stitches tonight and am almost finished.  I am a couple of stitches out on the borders, but have decided not to worry about that, I don’t think it will be too noticeable.  I have been able to fudge the black running stitch border slightly.  Hopefully Sophie will be finished this week and I can get back to the Anniversaries from the Heart…

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2 thoughts on “Stitching progress

    1. Thank you. All though it has taken me a long time to stitch it, I have loved stitching this design.

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