…where does it go? Today I finally got to spend a couple of hours at my sewing machine, but needed to spend a lot more preparing for work this week.

Are we really up to mid October? It seems like only yesterday that I was asked if I would consider taking Year 12 Further Maths for 2012. I was supervising a Year 11 exam with the daily organizer almost 12 months ago when he asked me the question. Having always avoided Year 12 classes like the plague in the past, I asked if I could think about it. Thirty minutes later I had accepted the challenge.

Reflecting briefly on the past 12 months, it has been a mammoth year. I have learnt a lot about myself and my capabilities, and I have realized that VCE Maths is an area that I am happy to embrace ( just don’t put me in VCE Biology – I may be a fully qualified biologist, but I really did not do well at it, and I really do not enjoy the subject!). I have 10 more days with my kids and then they are on their own. Are they ready. Can they walk into those exams confident that they have done everything they could to prepare? I hope so. I cannot do much more, except give them exam practice.

I really hope that they do well…

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