5 Easy Cross Stitch Designs

When I started cross stitching over 20 years ago, I chose a kit of the Serenity Prayer.  It was a beautiful design, stitched on 32ct linen.  It was a large design, with many colour changes.  This kit ended up in the rubbish bin.  Why?  I made a mistake in counting somewhere and could not find it, and was not about to fudge the count elsewhere.  It is a pity, because I still like the design.

So often beginner cross stitchers will choose designs that they like, little realising that the chart may be more difficult than they first thought.  As a Needlework store owner, I see a variety of different charts all the time, and I would like to recommend the following to those who want an easy design to stitch…

1. Any designs by Lynn’s Prints/Dianne Graebner.  These cute designs, based on the Amish culture, are designed with Aida fabric in mind, therefore using few, if any partial stitches.  Most of the colours are stitched in blocks, so there usually is little need to carry the threads across the back.

2. American Folkarts is another designer that has quite a few charts suitable for the beginner.  Again, large areas of one colour, with few threads carrying over on the back.

3. The various Flip Its series from Lizzie Kate are usually good for the beginner.  These are stitched on linen, but again, there are large blocks of one colour, and each flip it can be a stand alone design, or you can stitch the lot on one piece of linen.

4.  Any of the ‘primitive’ designs would be useful.  Particularly some of Niky’s designs, where she uses a single motif, making this not only a simple design, but quick to finish too.  One of the best things about the Primitive designers is that if you make a mistake in counting somewhere, you can often make this part of the design.

5. Many of the designs by the ladies who make up The Trilogy could also be classed as good for the beginner.  This includes the designs that they make under their individual names, Twisted Threads, Heart in Hand Needlework and Bent Creek, as well as The Trilogy.

Cross stitch

1. Lynn’s Prints – The Bluebird Quilt; 2 Lizzie Kate – Double Flip – Yuletide Comes; 3. The Trilogy – Neighbour Ray; 4. Lynn’s Prints – Fresh Water

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