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In 2008 I participated in the Embroiderer’s Guild of Victoria’s Art for the Stitch course.  For some of us, this was a course that we had long wanted to do, but intended to take our art no further.  For others, we used it as a precursor for doing the Textile Arts diploma at Box Hill TAFE  College.  For me, it helped me to realise that before I commence on the the amazing journey of completing this course, I need to address a couple of things.  Finance (the course costs around $15000 to complete – and that is not including the materials that you use along the way), time, and for me, most importantly, the tendency to procrastinate.  So I decided to delay my enrolment for a while, maybe until the children finish school.

However, one of our group did go on to do this course.  Over the past three years, Marian Cravino has continued to grow as a textile artist, and her graduate show has just opened.  Marian’s pieces are primarily wall art and artist’s books.  She does the most amazing machine embroidery. For this, her final pieces from her life as a formal student, Marian was inspired by a poem that she had known for a long time.

This graduate exhibition, held at Eckersley’s Open Space Gallery, at the rear of Eckersley’s Art Store at 97 Franklin St, Melbourne, contains the fantastic work of 13 textile artists, who have called themselves Collective Notions.

With art work inspired by nature, poetry and life, the Open Space is full of splendid textile art.  My particular favourites (sorry Marian) are the works influenced by Dorothea Mackellar’s iconic poem “My Country” by Dawn Duncan-Smith and Barbara Ireland’s series based on seasons as the indigenous people of Australia understand them.

I would really recommend that you attend this exhibition.  It is on until the 18th November.  Many of the pieces are also for sale.

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