Down in the Garden

Monday night I attended my regular sit and sew up at Mrs Martin’s.  Over the past year or so I have been slowly working on Leanne Beasley’s “Down In The Garden” project.  Initially it took me a while to get started, because I was not sure about cutting into the Rural Jardin fabrics from the French General.  However, once I had the first two blocks patched together it was down to the embroidery part.

I made the decision a long time ago that I would focus on “Down in the Garden” at my sit and sew nights.  That meant that I did not feel guilty if I did not stitch on it the rest of the time, and I had something patchworky to do at Mrs Martin’s.

Several months ago, I finally finished stitching the first block. and, after a delayed start while I waited to trace the design onto the fabric, I finally started doing the embroidery on the second block about a month ago.  You can see in the images how much I have done – I did not get much done on Monday night, but the yellow centres were all done at the previous sit and sew.

"Down in The Garden
Down in the Garden Progress

Following the Blogging Your Way course that I did at Decor 8, I am playing with my camera more, and took some photos of some of our rose bushes several weeks ago.  When trying to decide how I would photograph and display my progress, I thought of these photos.  I am obviously still a beginner experimenting, but it is fun!

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    1. thank you. I have been wanting to do something like this for a while and through the BYW course, finally learnt how to! Can you tell I absolutely LOVED the BYW course? LOL

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