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As part of the Blogging Your Way course, we were given the optional homework of creating a mood board to help us visualise what our blogs were about.  Through this activity, I discovered that mood boards, also known as inspiration boards and design boards were useful in helping to focus your thought processes and where you wanted to take a particular project.  

When it came to developing the final project for our Year 8 Textiles class, I very quickly realised that mood boards could also be useful for helping the boys to find direction in their creative endeavours.

As part of the first lesson, I introduced the concept of mood boards to them by first having them list all their favourite things.  I made one mistake.  When I set the task of working on the mood board, I told them to collect images based around a theme.  I had forgotten to discuss with this class the idea of using a theme to keep their mood board organised.  If you have a good look at my mood board, you can see that there is a consistent theme running through the images – threads and various forms of needlework.  The bedroom in the picture is there because of the colours and the wallpaper – the background of my blog is blue, with a sort of wallpaper feel to it.

Through out the rest of the lesson, the students worked on their mood boards, some with great enthusiasm, some with reservation and others with amazing imagination.  As well as using old magazines, I also encouraged the students to look for appropriate images on the web, with one major proviso – no inappropriate material.

As I was wandering the room, one of the boys quickly changed the tab that he was looking at, but did not have a chance to close the tab as I approached his table.  I asked him to show me the hidden tab.  He did so reluctantly, and was quite pleasantly surprised when I excitedly asked if he thought he would be basing his wearable art around anime.  Due to the scantily clad nature of these images, he thought I would not approve, but in my opinion, this is very different from the images of models in bathing suits or less.

In our lesson this afternoon, I am going to have the students looking at what sorts of materials they could incorporate in their creations.  I am hoping that they will have brought in the garments they are looking at altering.  I can’t wait…

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