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Last week I talked about the use of mood boards for focussing your thoughts and the direction you may want to take your art work.  Following on from the lesson on mood boards, I tried to introduce my students to the idea of collecting the materials they thought may fit in with where their mood boards were taking them.

Unfortunately, sometimes my enthusiasm goes beyond my available time and energy, and I was not able to demonstrate to the students what I meant.

Using images from one of my favourite magazines, “Country Home Ideas“, I have started to put together a mood board that says to me ‘rustic’, in the colours of green and purple.  Using this as my starting point, the day before this class I went out to my studio and gathered some supplies together.  I raided some metallic threads, beads, fabric, and lace.  I located an assortment of threads, all of which fit within my colour and my theme.  Well, except for the lace, but that can be dyed.

School Project

I photographed this image, planning to put it up on display for the students, but ran out of time to transfer it from my desktop computer to my laptop.

Included in the image is a cushion I made about 5 years ago.  The calico was stamped using normal acrylic paints and carved potatoes.  The box started life as a plain papier mache box with a plain manila tag and plain wooden buttons.  In a class with Barb Smith of the Theodora Cleave fame, I dry brushed the box and the buttons and stamped everything making a wonderfully simple rustic box.

I know I have more beads that I could use, but I am currently not sure where I have put them – I had to rescue them from my daughter!

Sadly, for all my enthusiasm, there are times when the response from my students leaves a lot to be desired.  And this was one of them.  I am struggling to get these kids to think outside the box.  They don’t enjoy traditional textiles, but they are not opening themselves up to this wonderful opportunity of doing something different.  Maybe I am expecting too much…

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