What a week!

I feel as though this week is going so fast!  Between work and family, I have been really busy – as per usual!  Monday night it was sit and sew, Tuesday night I think I was at home – DH had cricket training, because he is the coach.  Wednesday night was our Year 12 Graduation night, Thursday my daughter had her orientation day for school, Thursday night my son had his school music performance (and I would have liked to attend my school’s music performance night which clashed with my son’s) and then tonight it is the start of a heavy weekend of sport!  And I have still been able to blog reasonably regularly!

The graduation night was a special night for me.  The venue where our graduation nights are held is capable of hosting 2 or 3 schools at a time, and this year we shared the venue with another government school in our region.  For me, this made the evening even more special.  You see, the first time I attempted to go back to teaching I had Year 7’s and 8’s, and it was 2006.  At the other school present on Wednesday night.  So although I proudly watched my first ever Year 12’s graduate, my thoughts kept wandering upstairs to the kids I had taught 6 years ago.  I wish them all the best – especially the 70 odd that I have taught.  It was a pleasure to have had some input in their future paths…

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