5 Fabulous Design Releases for 2011

Having just spent the last 2 or 3 days browsing the Hoffmans Distributing and Norden Crafts websites, looking at the design releases from 2011, I produced a long list of designs that really appealed to me.  I could have made the list even longer, but I was trying to focus on the finding the 5 designs that I loved the most.

1. With My Needle – Miss Trenner’s Needlework Academy As a lover of historical samplers, I am intrigued by the academies where they were produced.  So little is known of these academies, or even their teachers.  Although the academy named here is fictitious, this design is a wonderful tribute to the often anonymous teachers of the girls who produced those amazing samplers that we admire.

2. Blackbird Designs – Evergreen Lane  I was hard pressed to just choose one of the designs produced by these amazing ladies for my list.  In my original list, I had most of the designs they released this year!  This particular design is part of the Anniversaries of the Heart series, which I am stitching for my daughter.

3.  La D Da – Old Crow Another designer for whom there were multiple entries.  I think it is the apparent simplicity of this design that has me entranced.  This design is one that is definitely on my New Year’s Day start list.

4. Country Cottage Needleworks – Button Button.  The lovely bright colours are so inviting.  And so very different to the other designs that I have chosen.

5. Willow Hill Samplings – Lillia Mueller Sampler.  Of course I had to include a sampler in my fabulous 5!  This sampler is monochromatic, and would make a good travel chart.  It is a sweet sampler for a beginner stitcher.

So there you have it – This year’s Fabulous 5 Design Releases.  The Needlework Boutique has all of these charts in stock right now, and they will be on the site by tomorrow night.

UPDATE:  All these charts have now been added to The Needlework Boutique…

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