Fa La La

Earlier this week I mentioned  some designs that I thought would be quick to stitch for Christmas.  I also mentioned that I was thinking of starting one the next night.  And I did.  I started Fa La La by Lizzie Kate on Tuesday night, and having been prevented from stitching last night, finished the first block tonight.  It has taken me around 4.5 hours to stitch the Fa La La block, maybe a tad longer, because there was some frogging involved, but I am really happy with how it has stitched up.

Lizzie Kate designs are usually nice and easy to do, and perfect for both the beginner stitcher and the more advanced alike.

I am looking forward to starting the next block tomorrow…

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One thought on “Fa La La

  1. It is really cute Bern, looking forward to seeing the other blocks. And 4.5 hrs is not bad at all!

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