Hidden Treasures Part 2

Continuing on from Wednesday…

On the second floor I headed towards Buttonmania.  Opposite Buttonmania is a room that was hosting 7 or 8 craft fair type tables.  The various items for sale included buttons, jewelry and gorgeous prints.  I spent about 5 minutes in here, as I had my heart set on spending money in Buttonmania.  Upon entering Buttonmania, I was first surprised by how small the store was.  For some reason, I had the impression that this store was much larger.  Although I had a look at the buttons here, there were none that immediately grabbed my attention, though I do intend to go back another time.


Not far from Buttonmania, on the other side of the old fashioned lift (I wonder if it still works), was perhaps my favourite store of all, L’Ucello!  With vintage threads and sewing box items, books, soaps, ornaments, new fabrics and oh so much more.  Including some stamps similar to some that I have been wanting for a long time.  I overspent my budget in here – big time!


Then it was off to find Kimono House.  Along the way I came across the cute little store Harold and Maude.  A store that contains vintage items, found objects and generally bits and pieces.  Again, it was not what I was looking for, but it is well worth a visit any time…


Continuing on down the corridor, I next came across the Pigment Gallery.  Currently this gallery is hosting the Swinburne Visual Arts Graduate Exhibition titled “Things We Cannot Say”.  Whilst I found the art work interesting, it is not my style so I did not stay for very long in this space.


Around the corner from the Pigment Gallery is Kimono House.  This small store of Japanese fabric, clothes and wares was so sweet.  And again, the lady who was serving was so helpful.  With Kimono fabric on the roll and cotton Japanese fabric on the bolt and in precuts, there was so much to see.  I also found some amazing Sashiko kits, and different threads, bobbins and more.  There were also some Japanese bags and Kimonos for sale.  Naturally my already thin wallet left this store thinner still, but I have the fabric that I am going to use to complete my Lizzie Kate Fa La La project.


Finally having seen all that I could, I made my way out to Flinders Lane, heading towards Collins St and the large Dymocks Bookstore.  Dymocks was crowded, so I quickly made my purchase (a Christmas gift) before heading to Koko Blacks.  After meeting with these 4 lovely ladies, I headed back to my train and home.  What a day…

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