Peaceful Times

Last weekend we were invited to spend the weekend down at Phillip Island with my Brother-in-law and his family.  It has been many years since I was last down at the Island.  But it is as beautiful now as I remember it being 20 years ago.  We stayed in a holiday house at Cape Woolamai.  Imagine if you will, 4 adults and 7 kids in one holiday house.  Not always quiet, but it was still peaceful.

I did not wander far along the beach – I did not want to leave my husband in charge of 7 kids, aged 2 years to 14 years, alone.  But the beach was practically deserted, so it was a peaceful wander.  On the other hand, I encouraged my husband to take our very energetic 14 year old for a LONG walk on Sunday morning, and the photos I have of the weekend are from that walk.



PS. I don’t know what happened to the photos when I adjusted the image size.  I will try to fix them later.

PPS. Fa La La was finished at Phillip Island.  I will post an updated image tomorrow.

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