A New Year…

= new starts.

For quite a few years now, I have been starting new projects on New Year’s Day.  Always with the intention of getting them finished by December 31st, but as you will see, I seem to neglect stating the year in which they will be finished!

This year I started 4 new projects, taking into consideration the statement I made above.  Three of the projects are relatively small, whilst the fourth more than makes up the size of them all.

Th details:

1. La D Da – ‘Old Crow’: Stitched on 28ct Lentil from Lakeside Linens using DMC floss.  This design can also be stitched with NPI silks on 30ct Chestnut Linen from Weeks Dye Works.  I am stitching this as a model for the shop.

2. The Drawn Thread – ‘Forget Me Not’: Stitched on 32ct Bittersweet from Lakeside Linens using the Needlepoint Inc Silk that came with the chart pack.  This has been a design that has lived in my stash for many years – I think I payed for it in Guilden, so I have had it for more than 10 years!

3. Just Nan – ‘1999 Christmas Treasure Box’ – Another design that I have had for more than 10 years, I actually bought it from a store in Rhode Island called Tapestry of Dreams – the first internet store I ever visited.  This design is being stitched on white Cashel linen using AVAS Soie D’Alger, Soie Perlee, Kreinik Metallics and embellished with various beads, filigrees and a gold heart.

4. Examplar Dames – ‘And They Sinned’.  I have joined in the BAP (Big A** Project) challenge over at Becky Bee’s Stitching Hive.  After having been introduced to this design more than a year ago, I finally put together all the threads and fabric and made a start on New Year’s Day.  To give you an idea of the massive undertaking here, on 40count linen, this design is 40.5inches long!  That is MORE THAN 1 METRE in length.  In width it is 8.5inches or 21.25cm!  I am stitching it using the required Sampler Threads on 36ct Navy Bean from Lakeside Linens.

Although all of these are works in progress, and I am hoping to finish two or three by the end of January (guess which one I am NOT thinking of here! LOL), these 4 starts do not go into my 31 Days of WIPs.  So more on that later today…

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One thought on “A New Year…

  1. Love your new starts. I did the JN piece a while ago and never finished it into the actual box. Got it from the same source as you did. Those were the days. Good luck on the ATS piece, I guess I’m not joining you on that one :).

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