Am a tad behind…

Whoops, I realised today that I am a tad behind in my WIPs posts.  Sorry about that.  I need to get the camera back out so I can photograph more WIPs and UFOs.  That means that tomorrow, I need to enter the sauna that is my studio!  The show room has a reverse cycle air conditioner, but I need to replace the batteries in the remote, and I keep forgetting to take new ones up to the bungalow.  Whoops.

Last week I was complaining about the cold weather, and mentioned that we had snow in the alps.  Right now, I could use some snow, just to cool down the house enough so that we can all sleep.  So appropriately, the next WIP is Garden of Snow from Country Cottage Needleworks.


I started this a while back, thinking that I could do it for an exchange.  At the time I thought it would be too big, so changed over to a Little House Needleworks Design.  From memory, this proved to be an excellent idea, as I took too long to do this project too!  I have not touched Garden of Snow since.  Maybe I need to locate the chart and think about working on it again…

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