So often we look at January to be not just the start of a new year, but also the beginning of all sorts of new things – a new me, a new career, a new home, a new life.  All the talk over the last 10 or 11 days about New Years Resolutions and goals have had me thinking.  Is it only at the start of a new year that we think about where we want to be in a year?  What about in 3 years?  Or in 5 years?

When I look back at my goals, I am not where I dreamed of being in 2012.  I wanted to be full time in the shop, but instead I work full time as a teacher and part time in the shop.  But I am not giving up on this dream.

My goal has long been to be a success in all I do.  But what does success look like for me?  When I started contemplating this concept back in October, I realised that I am already a success in many ways. Some of these are that  I am in the house that I love, driving good cars that meet all our needs, my children are receiving the education I want for them, and they are involved in activities that are good for them.

But there are more items on my list – working with The Needlework Boutique full time, decorate my house in the style that I love, play more with fabric and threads, have a strong, active readership with my blog, and weigh 70kg (I am currently 94kg – obese for my 175cm tall frame).

I dream of making a massive dent in my WIPs and UFOs.

My UFO for day 9 is the first of Lizzie Kate’s Living With Charm Double Flips, Dream.


Next Christmas we will be hosting my husband’s family Christmas party at our house.  Due to the numerous commitments we have both had in 2011, our 1/2 acre has been allowed to fall into some disrepair.  It does not help that we have a constant battle with keeping both the ivy and the wandering creeper at bay!  But one of my goals for 2012 is to turn our backyard into a wonderful stylish place to be, without the masses of mosquitoes that we are currently subjected to at dusk.

Throughout the year, I have been taking the Down in the Garden project (Day 10) with me to my regular Sit and Stitch evenings up at Monbulk.  I am slowly getting there.  I am currently working on the second block.  I keep thinking that I should be putting together the rest of the blocks, ready for me to embroider them, but that is a dream for another day


Remember me saying in an earlier post that sometimes the small projects can take just as long as the large projects?  Well, here is a perfect example of one that should have been finished long ago. Day 11‘s project, Gingham Village, was a freebie from the Twisted Thread a few years ago.  It is stitched on Graziano 28ct Gingham fabric over one.  I started this village probably 2 years ago.  The finished size will be approximately 2.5in x 5.1in.  So a lovely small project.  My goal is to get this one, and several other small WIPs and UFOs completed this year!

Tomorrow I will return to my normal daily posting of WIPs and UFOs.  Until then…

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One thought on “Dream…

  1. Love your dreams Bern and you have accomplished so much already. It’s good to keep on dreaming and in the mean time work to make our dreams reality. And you are sooooo close to finishing Gingham Village. It’s a great project. Love the others just as well. And maybe you should frame Dream and hang it where you can see it daily.

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