Forget Me Not…

On New Year’s Day I started 4 new projects.  I have already decided that my January goal is to complete the 3 small projects by the end of the month.  So I have been working on The Drawn Thread’s “Forget Me Not” sampler.  This is a lovely sweet sampler that really is not taking too long to stitch.  I am mainly stitching it late at night, when the lighting is poor, which does slow down my progress somewhat, but I have now finished the alphabet.  I just need to complete the final line of words, then I can do the flowers in each of the dividing bands before starting on the various motifs in this sampler.


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2 thoughts on “Forget Me Not…

    1. Thank you. I have now started on the motifs. Now, for a little bit of unbroken stitching time, and I might meet my goal of finishing it this weekend.

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