Like so many Victorians, I despaired over the state of my garden during the drought, and swore I would not join in with the complainers when the rain started to fall, and did not stop.  Being on the side of a hill, we are not really affected by floods, the water seems to choose the path of least resistance.  But with all the water comes weeds!  My wonderful DH has spent the last week dealing with all the Wandering Creeper and Ivy that have invaded our gardens!  It is amazing how rapidly these plants grow.

As he was removing the Ivy and the creeper, Mr H had an overseer.  No, it was not me.  One of our neighbourhood kookaburras was keeping careful watch, looking for his next meal!

Today I am showing you another New Year’s Day start from years past – The Garden Ornament by Handwork.  It is being stitched on the linen that was suggested with the threads that are suggested.  I don’t think I have touched it since that New Year’s Day!

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