Through the internet, I have been blessed to meet many wonderful people through the different groups that I have joined.  One of these is Ellen Chester of With My Needle.  For many years, Ellen has been running a newsletter called With My Needle and Pen.  Every year a new chart is chosen for a stitch along.  Sometimes the chosen chart is a repeat of one chosen several years earlier, such as Elizabeth Dean.  One year the chart chosen was the Blue Rose Sampler by The Nostalgic Needle.  As soon as I saw a picture of this chart, I knew that I had to stitch it for my walls.  As you can see in the picture below, like so many other charts, I never even got the border finished.  Maybe this should be in my 2012 UFOs to complete pile…


It was via Ellen’s newsletter that I first became aware of the wonderful Sampler and Needlework Symposiums that are held in America.  I dream of being able to attend A Gathering of Embroiderers, which is held around about February.  But as I have mentioned a number of times here, back in 2001 I was blessed to attend the Sampler Gathering in Plymouth, where I was privileged to meet such wonderful people as Jeanine Koons and Ellen, among many others.  When I returned in 2003 I was very fortunate to be able to have a class with Tricia Wilson Nguyen.


One of my major regrets about coming home to Australia is that I no longer have access to the wonderful expertise of teachers such as Tricia.  So being able to do an online class or two with her is an absolute joy.

Over the years I have started projects for many reasons.  Some because they were class pieces, so because they called to me, but one particular piece was started as a healing piece.  You see, like so many women, I had a miscarriage at 12 weeks.  At 6 weeks, my hormones went absolutely crazy, and I believe that this was when the baby actually died, but my body held on to the foetus for another 6 or 7 weeks.  Like so many before me, and so many after me, I grieved, and still grieve for this life that was never meant to be.  At the time I was drawn to a particular chart, and decided to start it.  It was to be my memorial piece.  I did not get very far on the chart, but one day it will be finished, a memorial to a life that never was, dreams that never flourished, but a love that will always be in my heart…


Crescent Dreams by Nora Corbett

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