My love of needlework has always been predominately a love for embroidery.  But at times you can be forgiven for thinking that quilting is taking over.  In fact I love the fabric that is available in the quilt shops, and I love putting together new patchwork tops.  I especially love embellishing the top with embroidery.  As I was doing my 31 Days of UFOs and WIPs last January, I was surprised by the number of unfinished quilt tops and other non-embroidery projects that I was unearthing!  This year, I have been more focused on my first love, but I did not want you to think that over the last 12 months I had completed all of my quilt tops!  No way, not by a long shot!  In this post (which should have been written last night, but I was too hot to think about it…) I am going to be focusing on my quilts.

 Quilt Day

Every year, for a period of 2 weeks at the end of the summer school holidays, a number of patchwork shops in my area host the Outer Eastern Fabric Frolic.  I always go on the fabric frolic with a project in mind.  Last year it was Gail Pan’s “Love in the Mist.”  Problem was, I could not find the fabrics that I wanted to use for this project at the shops I visited, until I got to The Patchwork Teahouse in Warburton.  There I came across the PERFECT range.  Having kitted up the chart, I cut all the rectangles and cornerstones in preparation for Mrs Martin’s annual quilt camp.  There I finished putting the blocks together, but since then the blocks have sat waiting for me to do the applique.  (there is a pattern emerging here, I think!)I need to work out the fabrics that I want to use for the flowers and the hearts so that I can then cut them out and apply them to the blocks…Maybe after I get Garden of Posies finished…

Another project that should not take too long to finish is Cinderberry Stitches “Creature Comforts”.  It is hard to believe that I have not touched this sweet project for over a year.  And it is predominantly embroidered too!  This is most annoying.  Once I have finished embroidering the centre panel, I will need to choose the fabrics that I want to use for the quilt.  I am thinking of something sweet.

The third project that I am showcasing here this morning is my Dear Jane project.  I started this project knowing full well that it was going to be a very long term project.  I only work on it at my Dear Jane class, and this year I am not going to be able to attend this class as I have other commitments on the first Saturday of the Month.  Although my first block was a really easy block, I have promised myself that I would not do all the easy blocks first, but try to do a variety of blocks that have a variety of difficulties, just so that I don’t feel overwhelmed with the really complicated blocks at the end.  As a result of this policy, I have completed a foundation pieced block for the first time ever in the past twelve months.  But don’t ask for a tutoria – I cannot remember how I did it!

Later today, I will return with another 3 projects to share with you…

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2 thoughts on “Quilting…

  1. Hi Bette,
    I’ve been to the tea house..eaten lunch & shopped , love that you can do both lol
    They have the most beautiful fabric. I plan on going back this year sometime.
    Love your quilts. Xx

    1. Thank you. I usually only get to the Tea House during the Fabric Frolic, which I missed this year, and I always aim to be there for lunch, feasting on the amazing scones, jam and cream that they make. And they also do amazing iced chocolate milk shakes.

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