Ever since my second visit to the Merkwaardig Sampler exhibition in 1998, I have loved samplers.l  I fell in love with one sampler in particular.  It was done by a young girl who was born without hands.  All the stitching was completed by holding the needle in her toes.  It was so neatly done!  Around about this time, I joined Ellen Chester’s sampler group.  Each year this group does 1 or 2 stitch alongs.  A year or two after I joined the group, I chose to join everyone else stitching The Essamplaire’s Elizabeth Dean, a reproduction sampler stitched with silks on 40 count dyed linen.  Although I obtained the kit, I never got it started, and even when the With My Needle and Pen group did the sampler again, it still stayed in it’s package.  I finally started stitching Elizabeth Dean on New Years Day 2011 ( I think, it may have been 2010), and have gone no further…

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