Sewing Smalls

I love sewing smalls.  Especially if I have made them.  The problem is that it takes as long for me to make a sewing small as it does a large project!  Part of that is probably because I don’t expect it to take long, therefor I do not dedicate the time to it that I need to.


I first entertained the idea of stitching With My Needle’s ‘Our Cherished Workes’ Sewing Case when I first saw it in the Historic Needlework Guild’s magazine ‘Finelines’ in 2001.  About 6 months later, I ordered the kit, and it lived in it’s package until New Years Day 2010 or 2011.  After New Years Day, I think I picked it up one more time before going on with other projects (I think it was Little House Needlework’s Neighbourhood).  Maybe this should be my March goal!


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