Snow Garden

It is the middle of summer here, but over the last week the temperature has really plummeted!  Today has been the warmest all week, but it is still long sleeve weather.  In fact earlier this week, there was even snow fall in the high country.  Now that is cold!  Having grown up on the inland side of the Great Dividing Range, I love the wonderful dry heat of summer, but cannot stand the more humid heat of a Melbourne summer.  However, at the moment, I would even put up with that.

Today I will be sharing my progress on Blackbird Designs’ Snow Garden, one of their Anniversaries of the Heart charts.  When I first started reading blogs, I came across some French blogs.  One of these bloggers (I cannot recall who right now) has been making samplers for her daughters for each year of their lives.  Some are simple samplers, others more complex.  After seeing this, I decided to adopt this wonderful idea for my own daughters.  I suppose in a way I had already started, because I have long intended on making my younger daughter’s room the Shepherd’s Bush Room, and my older daughter was getting Blackbird Designs.  I just never started them.

When the Anniversaries of the Heart series came out, I decided that I would stitch each of these charts individually and eventually have them in my daughter’s room.  I would say that as soon as I return to this design, it would not be long before it is finished.  I was working on this chart until I put it aside to do some Christmas stitching last month.

So without boring you further, here is my Day 14 work in progress…


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One thought on “Snow Garden

  1. I am happy that I have your webblog and can read everything about you and what you are doing,hope you doing well and the family also.
    We just have our stitch in with Annemiek and Ria and we miss Candy a lot.
    I hope you read this,that I never forgot you and thing about you a lot and your family.
    All my love Pam

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