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We’ve had Stanley now for over a year.  He is the most beautiful, well mannered, smart dog you can imagine.  He was given to us when his owner returned to her home country and did not want to put him through the trauma of a 24 hour flight and quarantine.

After the first week, when the kids essentially ignored him, he rapidly became an integral part of our family.

Since December 2010, we have known that Stanley gets angry with thunderstorms.  Despite the fact that the rest of the time, he is kept secure in our backyard, during a thunderstorm, he inevitably manages to escape.  Usually a friendly local finds him and gets him home, but on two occasions now, we have had to retrieve him.  The first time it was from a Vet clinic in our suburb, but this time it was from the RSPCA.

We believe that within 10 minutes of the storm hitting on Thursday night, Stanley managed to escape.  The children and I arrived home within 30 mins of the storm hitting.  My oldest and I then spent the next hour or so looking for him, combing the local streets, scared that we would find a body.  The kids had trouble going to sleep Thursday night, and my husband and I had a restless night, regularly getting up to see if he had returned.

Last night we had confirmation that he had been picked up and turned over to the RSPCA.  I cannot express my gratitude to these people enough!  Springing Stanley this morning has brought back so much joy to our family.  And after 2 days of not being able to focus on what needed to be done, I can return to my hectic schedule with a lighter heart.


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