has a way of intruding when you least want it to!  School went back for the kids last Monday, but for me, I went back on Feb 1.  In the days leading up to returning to school, I think I was suffering a bit from blogger burn out.  I also needed to finish preparing the showroom for my first open house in probably 3 years.

Right now we are trying to work out our routines for this year.  So far, Mondays and Tuesdays appear to be a bit of a nightmare!  I know that I will not be able to process orders on those days, but as the dust settles, the rest of the week should be reasonable.

I hope to finish my 31 WIPs and UFOs project.  I am disappointed in myself for not finishing this series in January.

So when I disappear for a while, understand that it is because my real life is taking over again…

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