Treading Water

In my last post I mentioned how busy life has been around here in recent months.  I was kind of hoping that this term things would slow down a little.  But it was not to be.  Despite my son finishing his summer sport of cricket, he still has basketball, which takes up alot of our time from Friday night until Tuesday night.  We are actually having a quiet weekend this weekend, as his team did not make the grand final in the domestic comp.  He also plays at rep level, so that is still happening – even on Mother’s Day this mother will be taking her son to training.

The girls also keep us busy, with their basketball, calisthenics and swimming.  Then there are the various school activities. Each week this term we have had Parent Teacher interviews, except for last week, when I spent the evening at my school anyway, for our Open Night.  It proved to be quite useful, as about half a dozen of the maths teachers (myself included) received some impromptu Professional Development, but the evening still took it’s toll, with me being exhausted by the end of the week.  Oh, and the parent teacher interviews at my school?  They were on my birthday!  So I spent more than 12 hours on campus that day.

So with the extreme exhaustion I have been experiencing, my writing mojo appears to have left me again.  I have all these wonderful posts written in my head, but by the time I get ready to type them, I am too tired to think.  I really need to set up my iPad so that it uses the WiFi network at work.  I can do that, because I also use my personal/business iPad for school purposes.  (There are some great apps for education.)

Although on the sporting front, we have less to do, in reality this weekend will be no slower.  I need to pack the car tonight ready to spend the day with the shop up at Emerald, at Mrs Martin’s Quilt Shop.  It is my way of participating in her Winding Ways shop hop without having to be open for business 6 days a week for the month of May.

If you are in the area, pop by to see me.  The details are on Karen’s blog

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