5 designs to consider for an exchange

After a long hiatus from stitching, and an even longer one from participating in an exchange, I have just signed up to a Blackbird Designs ornament exchange.  The brief – to stitch a Blackbird Designs design, or part of a design, make it up into an ornament and send it off to someone somewhere in the world by a particular time.  So it was out to the shop I went, so that I could choose the design I wanted to stitch.  Some of my choices were:

1. JCS_ORN11cvr1

In the Just Cross Stitch ornaments magazine, there is often a Blackbird Designs chart.  And I always love what Barb and Alma do.  I usually have the design on my short list, but rarely do I get around to stitching it.   Seeing as though this is an ornament exchange, my first thought was naturally this magazine.

2. bbdwildlilies

Many of the Rewards of Merit pincushions would make a fantastic ornament.  Who said that the ornament had to have a Christmas theme.  I think that many of these beautiful pincushions would be perfect.

3. bbdloveinair

The mini stocking series is another serious contender.  My concern – do I have the fabric and threads that I need to complete one of these?  Will I get it done in time?

4. BBDClaraEllen

The Anniversaries of the Heart designs are actually quite small samplers, and even if the design stitched on 32ct would be around 15cm long, I am sure that stitched on 40ct, one of these would make a fantastic ornament.  I would probably finish it in the pinkeep style.

5. bbdXmasGarden

And then there is part of a design.  Many of the larger designs have some good areas that would make the perfect small ornament, but the one that caught my eye was Christmas Garden.

I made my choice, and started stitching yesterday.  I can’t wait to show you what I chose…

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