of Dreams…

Have you ever had a dream, but the idea seemed so overwhelming, that you did not know where to start?  Where you wanted to start a project, but the whole concept was so scary, that you never even put the idea into words?  Well I have.  For years I have wanted to do that which is believed to be the ultimate project of a young stitcher… make a stumpwork casket

No just any stumpwork casket, but one that would be the approximate size of those stitched by the amazing girls of days gone by.

It took the magic hands and amazing mind of a brilliant needlework teacher to make this dream a reality, not only for me, but for several hundred other stitchers from around the world.  Three months ago I started receiving the coursework for Tricia Wilson Nguyen’s Cabinet of Curiosities.  A long term project, it will result in the meeting of several dreams – the dream of being a designer, the dream of expanding my needlework repertoire and the ultimate dream – a stumpwork casket worthy of a young girl from the 17th Century.

PS. Until I contact the V&A, I will provide links to the various caskets and items that I wish to highlight, rather than risk breaking copyright.

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