Mayhem and madness

I love my little dog.  I do.  Really.  But she has a bit of a problem.  You see, she escapes.  Regularly!  So when we are at work, we have to lock the dogs in the house.  And we lock them in the family room.  Now Stanley can hold on.  And usually does.  But Suki.  Now that is another story.
The carpet in the family room was already very worn.  We think it was probably a cheap carpet to start with.  And now it is awfully stained.  So we need to replace the floor.  The vinyl tiles in the kitchen and meals area have been lifting for years.  It is getting worse, and more dangerous as we go along.  So they need to be replaced too.  I love floating floors, but because of the dogs, I have decided to go for a tiled floor.  And I can’t wait.  But there is a problem. You see, I don’t like my corner pantry.  And as I said to my wonderful DH, I don’t want to replace the floor now, and then when the kitchen MUST be replaced, having to replace it again!  Especially as I told him that when the next major appliance kicked the bucket, I wanted a new kitchen!
This is my kitchen about 2 weeks ago.  I don’t usually dry the dishes, hence there being some in the dish rack.  I hate the colour of the cabinets, and had long though about painting them. And I hate the bench tops.  They look UGLY!  We had discussed the possibility of replacing this too.  I also hate the fact that there is all that space above the cabinets – grease trap!  When we were looking at the house, the previous owners had a free standing island bench that PH and I loved!  They wanted an extra $5K for the house if we wanted the island.  We said no.  And promptly located the granite topped island at Early Settler for a fraction of the cost!  The island is the only part of the kitchen that is staying.  We are keeping the dishwasher for the time being – at the moment a Miele dishwasher is out of my price range.  And we are keeping the pigeon pair fridge and freezer.

When we came home from Europe, we needed a new fridge and freezer.  We waited until after we had bought the house, and are very thankful that we did.  Because in the previous 12 months all of the refrigerator manufacturers had changed the minimum height of their pigeon pairs, and only Fisher and Paykel still made the set that fit into our kitchen!  And even then it was a tight fit!

Today we finished emptying out the kitchen –
Doesn’t it look different.  Of course you can really see the pale yellow custard colour of the walls. (YUCK – I can’t wait until we repaint it – white!)  And see that pelmet?  It is in a REALLY stupid place!  You cannot open the overhead cupboard properly!  So it is going.

In the 90’s I wanted tiles like the ones I have here.  They would have gone really nicely with our kitchen in Geelong.  And the red feature tiles do suit my taste, they just don’t fit with my current ideas for the kitchen.

I just noticed.  You cannot see that we have a bare light bulb in here.  That is right.  In both the kitchen and the meals areas, there are not nice fittings.  That is going to change too.  Over the sink and in the family room the lights are down lights.  And they are staying.

I can’t believe how good the kitchen looks in these pictures!  I can only hope that the new one looks even better.

Tonight when I get home, I will take more photos and share some of the “during” photos with you.  It could be some time before it is finished – I wont be replacing all of the window coverings for a while, and because one of the tilers that we asked to provide us with a quote is yet to get back to us, I think the floor wont be done too quickly either.


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