On this cold, wet, wintry day I finally stopped procrastinating and ventured into the realm of my study where the goal was to finally finish sorting through the last mounds of junk in my quest for an organised study.  Unearthing documents from as far back as 1989 (uni notes), I discovered that most of the paperwork was well past it’s use buy date, and finished with the mess.  Now I just have to sort through the junk that has collected in the last 6 months and I will be ready to finish the study.

For now, no pictures, but just to remind you of my influence, visit an earlier post where I included a picture from the blog of my dear friend, Wendy.  When I have finished, I hope to be able to place a photo to show you what I have done.

For now, with this year’s Le Tour De France on, I am now decamping to the family room where I will be continuing to stitch on my Blackbird Design’s exchange piece.

Until next time.

PS: I am so excited – we have the Lizzie Kate Mystery Sampler arriving in store soon.  I can not wait!

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