For the past 10 or so years I have approached the end of the financial year with dread.  And I suppose many retailers do.  After all, this is when we have to do that boring inventory count.

But this year, I decided to approach it differently.  Because I realised something that I had not previously thought of – that rather than dreading the count, I should be looking forward to it.  Who knows what forgotten treasure I may find buried among my inventory.  Each time I do the count, I come away surprised at some of the charts that I have forgotten about.

So I ventured into the bungalow, ready for an adventure and came away with several new models that I want to stitch.  Buried treasures, if you will.

Tonight I have finished updating the charts.  I still have 2 A4 pages of charts to enter into the website – they had not yet made it onto the site as the whole process is another task that I dread doing.  Tomorrow I need to finish entering the charts and then update the fabrics and threads.  I have over 30 different Crescent Colours threads that I need to enter on to the site!

But first, here are some buried treasures…

Clockwise from top left: The Workbasket’s “Les Petites“; In the company of Friends ” Hannah Westcombe Pinkeep“, Dames of the Needle’s “Shaker Box – French Style“; and Country Cottage Needlework’s “Garden of Snow“.

For now, I am off to watch Le Tour de France, and start on another treasure – Mani Di Donna’s “Ispirazioni d’altri tempi – set in nero

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