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I absolutely hate being late to a party, but I do hope that the hostess can forgive me.  And I am not even fashionably late.  I am horribly late, rudely late.  And I am so sorry.  I was so caught up in arranging our kitchen renovation that the time kind of got away from me.  And even worse, I have not dressed for the occasion either!

Come on in.  I do apologise for the state of the floor.  I have been so busy this year, between work, the kids and the business that I have spent very little time in here.  Since your last visit I have made a couple of changes.  The first was to move the table to the diagonally opposite corner.  I think this was actually a big mistake.  I can recall reading somewhere about working with your back to the door not being the most ideal position.  since the table has been here, I have done very little work in the the studio!  I have also had the bed removed.  We did not use it often, and it was rapidly becoming a dumping ground for anything that entered this room.

I will be moving the table back to it’s original position as soon as I can face the mess in this room.

Although the wall shelves have not been rearranged at all, they do have a few more items since last year.  I really do need to finish that canvas that I started at a class with Barb Smith of Theodora Cleave last year.  The printed fabric is done, I just need to make the heart and bird ornaments up;.
I love the bottom shelf – despite the clutter.  I made that little red box.  It has one of my first hand embroidery designs on it.  The picture in the frame came from Orchard House in the US from my last visit to Massachusetts in 2004.  The white shelves will have to be moved so the table can fit in there.  The pink ceramic dolls occupied a position of pride in my childhood bedroom.  Mum gave them to me for my birthday one year and they have been with me ever since.  I also have a shell “sculpture” that I keep meaning to put on that shelf as well.  The shaker tray was from my second trip to the States, as is the Nantucket basket, while the other basket came from my visit to Ohio on a business trip about 12 months before we came home.  The little keyring hanging from the drawer handle was an exchange gift from Crafty Mamas when I used to participate in the forum on a regular basis.

I decided that this year I would share a number of cubbies from the Ikea Expedit shelves that take up most of one wall of my room…
Can you see how organised I like to be?  So often it is assumed that I am a disorganised person.  But if you had a good look at my shelves, you would see that I am actually someone who has a problem with surface clutter, but that beneath the surface, I am actually a very organised person.

The blue boxes in the main picture contain alot of my fabric collection, mostly fat quarters.  I have been trying to use some of these fabrics this past year.  Unfortunately so many of the beautiful fabrics, particularly those from the French General, keep calling my name.  If we go clockwise, you will see that i have highlighted some of the shelves.  I absolutely love a store in Auburn called Perfect Pieces and found these boxed items last year.  Of course I had to have them.  I will put the contents to good use, but at the moment I am enjoying the boxes!  Behind the boxes you can see some of my collection of antique needlework books.  I made that cushion several years ago.  And when I found that fabric, knew that it was perfect for the small project.  The project was a freebie from With My Needle.  I can’t remember what is in the Debbie Mumm tin, but I think it is threads.  I bought the tin from The Border in Den Haag many years ago, and have kept various items in it over the years.

When I went up to the studio earlier, I was carrying some Sampler and Antique Needlework Quarterly magazines with me, to be put away.  At the time I could not find the collection of these wonderful magazines, but I think I have now!  I think they are behind that jar of lace!  And on the shelf beneath that jar are some of my Sampler books.  Next we have the cute little basket that has some off cuts of fabric.  And even more books behind it.  Oh, and a simple pincushion that I made last year.

I used to collect Colourbox teddies, and at one stage was a member of the club.  The teddies music box in this picture was the exclusive gift for the club  members that particular year.

What do you think of my little box that I decorated in the Theodora Cleave/Barb Smith class last year?  I love it!  I really do need to make some more – imagine receiving a gorgeous gift in one?  It would be great to use as part of a Christmas gift for family and friends!  And behind it is part of my Cloth Paper Scissors, Studios and Quilting Arts magazine collection.

Whew, well that was a bit of a visit, wasn’t it?  Next time I will be more polite, and be on time.  And I will be better dressed too!  Thank you for coming…

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