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While I was at the Girl’s Day Out, I had the pleasure to meet a lovely lady from up near Horsham.  I mentioned to her that I regularly went up to that area each year to attend the Grampian’s Texture.  And promptly remembered that I had not yet put up a post about my last visit to the Grampians!  And that was back in February!  Oops!  That was so remiss of me!  I can only put it down to the fact that over that weekend I succumbed to a nasty virus that had me in bed by 8.30pm on the Saturday night and home all day on the Monday following the Grampians Texture Weekend!

This year I did a dyeing class with Bonny Francis from Kraftkolour.  We played with loads of different dyes – the cheap, nasty, but easy ones that soon fade with repeated washing, the procion dyes which are my personal favourites, though I also loved playing with the Landscape dyes, particularly when it came to hand dyeing my own silk threads!  We also got to play with Sun Dyes and with Indigo.  It was loads of fun, and I came away with so much new information and enthusiasm for dyeing.

Bonny was amazing.  The amount of knowledge that she happily shared with us!  I came home with a folder full of samples!



gtcollage1Wish I could tell you more about this wonderful weekend, but a long time has passed, and I really was not too well that weekend.  Hopefully next year I will blog sooner about Grampians Texture.

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