so where was I?

Oh yeah – the kitchen had been ripped out.

And 24hours later, the new kitchen carcasses had been installed…


And that is where it stayed for more than a week. The people doing the caesarstone benches took their time coming to collect the template. We were told by the kitchen people that the bench top people would be there within 24hours of the kitchen going in and to expect 6 – 10 days wait for the benches to actually be installed. Nine days after the carcasses were installed, the Caesarstone people finally contacted me, but only after I had phoned the kitchen company and asked them when the bench tops were going to be done!

In the mean time we contacted our tiler and booked him in. He arrived last Monday and started work straight away.

Levelling the floor…


Then placing the tiles carefully…




Naturally the benches were ready before our tiler had finished, and of course they could not walk on the floor, so I told them they had to wait until today. And of course, they did not listen when I told them that I would ring them back as soon as I had spoken to my tiler. After the third phone call I ended up being quite rude to the benchtop people, but hey, I was in class for much of the day and they kept ringing when I did not answer!

So today the bench tops were installed…


Tomorrow the plumbing should be done and by the end of the week the kitchen should be finished – approximately a month after the old one was removed.

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