I often beat myself up for not making time to blog.  I really do enjoy sharing my needlework journey with you.  Not only does it provide me with a platform to share my love of needlework with others who have the same interest, but it also provides me with an opportunity to improve my skills and confidence as a needle worker.

My goal is to complete a minimum of 3 blogs posts a week for both of my blogs, but I usually fall far short.  And I was getting annoyed with myself.  After all, what is holding me back?  Is it the photo opportunities that never seem to appear?  Well, I do work full time, and often am not in the position to take photos while the sun is still above the horizon.  But that should not be an excuse.

Last night I found myself sitting on the couch, half asleep.  I had realized earlier this week that in Term 3 the expectations on my time far outweigh what is available to me.  And that is not going to change.  With 3 children who have extra curricula activities that all seem to occur in July, August and September, a full time job, and a business to run, is it any wonder that I am exhausted?  Add to that the school Presentation Ball that I get involved in, and any spare time that I have needs to be devoted to sleeping.

So I will stop beating myself up.  And plan for the Term holidays.  And hope that Term 4 will be a tad quieter, with my Year 12’s finishing up 2 ½ weeks into the term, so that they can do their exams.  And I will try to post more in Term 4, but I will accept that I may do the bulk of my posting during the school holidays.

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One thought on “Blogging

  1. Wise, wise, you have to make achievable goals! Or else you will feel guilty all of your life and never enjoy what you are doing! Keep going…

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