Fibre Forum 2012

For such a small country, we have some wonderful events for needleworkers.  Each February I go to Grampians Texture for the weekend.  Between then and the September school holidays, there are a number of other amazing events.  For the first week of the September school holidays, Geelong Grammar is taken over by textile artists, jewellers, shoe makers and more.  And on the final day of the event, there is an open day.

I try to get there each year, if for no other reason than to catch up with my friend Kris, who introduced me first to the amazing cross stitch designs by Teresa Wentzler, and then to the world of textile art.

Each year, TAFTA organises an amazing line up of artists to teach for the week, with the students producing amazing work. Of the work produced this time, I was particularly interested in Jan Irvine-Nealie‘s class – Empowered by the Personal: Stitch and Concept, India Flint‘s Fieldwork – a Journey in Exploring Stitch and Colour; Mark Making and Pattern – Deconstructed Screen Printing with Kerr Grabowski; Miyoko Kawahito‘s The Culture of Indigo (I loved the dyed fabrics!) and Hilary Peterson – Dye-Print-Stitch.


As always the work was amazing, and when I left, I wished that I was in the position to participate. Of the classes offered, the two that most intrigued me were the Jan Irvine Nealie class and the Hilary Peterson class.  But 6 days in Geelong is not fair to my wonderful DH, especially as he has practically been a single parent for the previous 3 weeks!  But on the way home, I realised that there are other ways that I can grow my expertise.  Including continuing to attend Grampians Texture, and rejoining The Embroiderer’s Guild of Victoria.  By attending some of the other events around the country.  And by participating in online courses.

And just by being influenced by what I see when I go to these exhibitions.

Although it was a short day – I left home at 8am and was home by 1pm – I had a wonderful time.  Especially meeting up with my Art for the Stitch tutor, Marianne Little, and amazing book and paper artist.

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