How to find time to stitch?

BBDbasketofmemories2Today signalled the last day of the Victorian September school holidays.  And during the past two weeks I was able to stitch more than I had all of the previous 10 weeks put together.  As I happy danced at the completion of not one, but 2 projects, I could not help but remember the arrogant attitude I had towards finding time to stitch only 5 years ago.

So often, at the Craft and Quilt Fair, I would dismiss the lament “but I have no time to stitch” without really understanding what I was talking about.  You see, back then I thought I knew what busy was.  After all, I was the full time mother to 3 children and a business owner.  And I could not fathom sitting in front of the television, with nothing in my hands.  For me, it was a matter of time management.

Fast forward 5 years, I am still a full time mother – now with teenagers on my hands, I am still a business owner, but I am now also a full time member of the paid workforce, a teacher.  And although it pains me to admit it, when I do have an hour of time available to me, you may find me in front of the tv, sitting there, blindly watching something, anything, with idle hands.  Because on these occasions, I am so exhausted, I can not think, and I fear that if I was to pick up my needle, I will be undoing everything by the next day.  I often don’t stitch – when else will I do the basic housework that needs to be done, run around after kids – my own and others, do my corrections, my lesson planning, fill the orders, update the website.  And on the odd occasion, write a blog post.

And yet, when I pull out that needle and start stitching, I find that my mind is able to move to a calmer place.  A more relaxed place.  And I just want to sit and stitch, and stitch some more.

So as I head back to the lounge room to take out my needle and thread again knowing that I really should be correcting those Year 12 SACs as the kids will want them on Monday, I am wondering how do you find that time to stitch?  What routines do you put in place?  Any advice?  Please share.

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