12 months

Approximately 12 months ago I stood in front of around 24 students, welcoming them to the final year of their Secondary Schooling.  For many this is the final year of formal education – many will learn along the way, but not all will attend University or TAFE.

Yesterday I taught them for the final time.

Today I joined these students and others that I have taught in the last few years to celebrate their final day at school with a breakfast.  For me, it is a time to reflect on the wonderful experiences these young people have given me.  Their ups and their downs.  Their celebrations and their disappointments.  But I say goodbye to these beautiful people, knowing that they will be the best people they can be – whether it is making it through to the American college system so that one can pursue his love of baseball, or becoming a star Cricketer, or being a nurse or a real estate agent.  These young people have been a blessing in my life and my life is richer for having known them for such a brief time.

To the Class of 2012.  Best wishes for your exams and your future endeavours.

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