5 tips for making time to stitch

ManidiDonnaSetOn Friday, I mentioned how hard it is to find time to stitch.  These are some of the tips for making more time to stitch that I have collected along the way.

  • before you put away your needlework at the end of a stitching session, thread a needle or two with a new length of thread.  Now you will be ready to start stitching the next time you sit down to stitch.
  • choose smaller projects.  If you do a large project, it can seem like it takes forever to make even a small dent in the project, but by stitching on smaller projects, like the Mani di Donna project I recently completed, it seems as though you are getting a lot more done.
  • do you find yourself waiting?  Waiting at the doctor’s, at various sporting events?  Even at the airport?  Take your stitching along with you and put in a few stitches.  I completed an entire scissor fob by The Needle’s Content years ago while waiting for my plane.
  • How about at work?  Many of us have a lunchbreak.  This can also be a good time to put in a few stitches.  Of course, it does help if your lunchbreak is uninterrupted!  I have found it easier to pull out an applique at work, as I do not have to focus so much on placing the needle in EXACTLY the right place.
  • Back home, have a dedicated stitching space, where you can leave your project set up, ready to stitch on.  If you use a frame, this is easier, just cover your work with a clean cloth, such as a handkerchief or tea towel to protect it from the sun and dust between stitching sessions, but if you use a hoop, then you do need to remove the project from the hoop at the end of each stitching session.

Do you have some other tried and true ideas for making time to stitch?  Please share them.

PS.  the 6th tip – get off Facebook!  LOL.

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