76 days

To Christmas that is…

Last year, my sister in law asked us to host the 2012 family Christmas party.  Saying yes, I immediately knew that I had a lot of work ahead of me – the house was cluttered and untidy, and I knew that I had to get myself in to some sort of routine.

Throughout this year, I have been decluttering (the bins are full every week!  Amazing how much of the clutter is paper clutter), and re-organising (I know – you cannot organise clutter!) and redecorating.  Slowly it is coming together.

My goals for October are to finish painting the kitchen (we need to touch up one or two places, and when the electrician created a new powerpoint for us in the hall, he made a couple of holes in the wall in the kitchen – with my full knowledge and approval!) and paint all the skirting boards, window frames and doors in the rooms we have done already.  We also need to finish my youngest daughter’s room, including getting rid of the broken tall boy (oops, missed the hard rubbish for that one!).  Outside we need to set up the back verandah for outdoor entertaining – both sides have become a receptacle for what does not go anywhere else in the short term, and get the driveway done – it needs concreting – big bucks there!  Although the study is predominantly done, there is the constant need to put away and dispose of any new mess that is created.

In November I want the hallway painted and the front room totally decluttered.  Part of that will involve moving the basketball club’s uniforms into the bungalow – where I don’t know – so we can have a welcoming room to decorate for Christmas.  By the end of November I want the sideboard moved into the studio, and the studio organised so that I feel comfortable using it again, the shop set up properly and a bar fridge in the clean kitchen (it is almost done!)

Whew, just a task or two!


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